Facts? Where we’re going, we don’t need facts…

Bob Gale, co-writer for the Back to the Future trilogy, recently said the character of Biff Tannen was based on Donald Trump. This claim was repeated by an editorial in the New Hampshire Union Leader, which has endorsed Chris Christie for president.

However, Gale had previously said the character was based on Ned Tanen, a studio executive who was rude to him. In fact, October of 2015 was the first time Gale ever even mentioned Trump as an inspiration. Which makes sense, because 1985 Trump hadn’t yet blossomed into the flamboyant bully 2015 Trump would become, so a Trump-based character wouldn’t have been anything like Biff.

Which can only mean one thing: We’re living in an alternate timeline created by Bob Gale, in which Donald Trump served as the inspiration for Biff. This makes perfect sense when you think about it, since Back to the Future Part II successfully predicted hoverboards, the Cubs winning the World Series, holographic 80s-themed restaurants, and a decades-long running Jaws franchise. Maybe none of these things happened in the original timeline, or maybe all of them did. Only Bob Gale knows for sure…


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